Kik for PC – Free Download on Windows 7/8/9 and MacBook/Mac

Messaging is a common trend which will not affect by other modern technology. It has its own unique importance. Nowadays there are many instant messaging apps are developed and some become most famous across the world like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and much more. By adding to the list. The Kik for PC messenger is also one of the best messaging apps that is available for free.

With its excellent features and functions that provided, has made this app a competitor for the top instant messaging applications. Through this app, people can send an unlimited number of messages or texts, share files, documents, voice recording, video calling and can enjoy many other options.

The Kik messenger offers various options for free and in terms of security also it gained the best messaging app title. If you are annoyed or disturbed by the messages from the strangers, you can easily block them by the blocking option. In this post, we have clearly furnished the download process of Kik for PC on both Windows 7/8/9 and MacBook or Mac.

Steps to download Kik for PC on Windows 7/8/9

Before downloading the Kik For PC Download on your computer, you need to have an Android Emulator either Bluestacks or Andy. Without android emulator, you can’t able to download the Kik application on your PC. The following is the step by step procedure for Kik for PC download process on your computer:

  • First download the Android emulator, Bluestacks on your computer.
  • Now click on the downloaded Bluestacks software and install it.
  • Once the installation of the Bluestacks completed successfully, log in with your Google or Gmail account.
  • Go to the search bar, and find Kik for PC application download.
  • Now you will be redirected to Google Play Store
  • Download the Kik messenger application on your Windows PC.
  • Next, click on install button.
  • After installation successfully completed, go to the homepage of Bluestacks then “All Applications” and find the installed Kik for PC app.
  • Launch it on your computer.
  • That’s it. You can send an unlimited number of messages and even do video calling for free.


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Cheap computer desk for a purpose

Having a comfortable computer desk is very important these days. We spend more and more time sitting at the computers. Cheap computer desks may or may not provide a good choice. Getting cheap computer desks and getting them comfortable at the same time could be a challenge.

Cheap computer desk for a purpose

My father once asked me for the cheapest computer desk available. He only had a little room in his bedroom to put a desk, and only needed it to browse Internet occasionally... I recommended one I found on He now sits at this cheap computer desk every second day, and he is very pleased:

But for me... this desk won't be even close to what I need. Since I work with computers up to 12 hours a day, I prefer a desk with lots of table space and good elbow support for typing. So the corner computer desk is my choice. And though I made room in my office for the corner computer desk, and I never get tired sitting at it. I get plenty of legroom, and it has plenty of shelves and drawers to store my stuff away, just like this one. And my wife prefers a computer roll-top desk. She finds it convenient as it can be easily moved around the house, and it doesn't take much space. Also, if you have small children or want to hide your chaos than you can close it all the way, open it again when you need to browse internet or pay your bills. The computer roll-top desk is not comfortable enough for sitting at for long hours but works out great for occasional computing.

This next desk would make it a nice child computer desk: it's covered with a white plastic. This makes it easier to wash it after children messed it up with crayons or paint or pencils. If your child has white or light color bedroom, this child computer desk would fit just fine. It has one drawer where she or he can store their simple belongings, and a sliding keyboard. It would also serve as just a table for anything else they want to do. This white computer desk is a very simple desk that can be easily assembled in less than an hour. This type of white computer desks fits the modern style well.

For an older kid you may want to find something more sophisticated than just a plain desk... how about some techno entertainy handy kid computer desk that has coated steel frame, finished wood desktop and shelves, CD storage shelves, black magnet board and corkboards, and the speakers can even be put on top... wow, kids would do their homework just to sit at this coolest table. They can store their CD's and video games in this kid computer desk, and you can leave messages for them on the corkboard or magnet board... Just make sure that the monitor fits in between the CD shelves. This is also a very modern computer desk, almost fits the commercial style.

Cheap computer desk for a style

If a specific style is what you are looking for than here are some cheap computer desks that represent several styles:


Dark wood, ornamental trim, exposed hinges and iron door nubs are all attributes of a traditional style in furniture, and the wood computer desks like this one fit right in... Dark Cherry is a choice of many for traditional wood computer desks. This Sauder computer desk is complete with sliding keyboard shelf and mouse pad, high raised hutch, roomy drawers and a large flat top, and would define any office room.


Lighter wood, no-fancy trim, simplified lines and less details define a transitional style, and this cheap computer desk is a good match. I call it a creativity desk where a storage cabinet is combined with an office table to create a modern computer desk. It has a concealed PC storage space and a unique CD rack. I would be tempted to drill a hole on the right side of the cabinet, right above the table top, and run my computer cables through to the concealed PC...


Contemporary computer desks best represented by metal computer desks with wooden tops and shelves. The combination of metal and light wood, simple curves and techy details does it for me. This type of metal computer desks is great if you don't keep your work papers, books, etc on your desk. It's easy to move around, and it has a raised monitor shelf. A flat panel monitor would fit best on a monitor shelf - modern monitor on a modern desk.

If you need lots of "elbow space" than this contemporary computer desk may not be for you because it is a space saving set up. But it's got the look... Also, the above desk would make a great laptop computer desk. You would expect the laptop computer desks be compact, light and easy to move around. And this desk does it. And instead of a monitor I would keep my portable printer on the raised shelf, and it'll be a room left for a table lamp, a book and some scratch paper...

Well, hopefully, you've found my reviews helpful... but wait...

...don't forget to ask yourself these questions before buying cheap computer desks:

Do I like the way the Desk looks?

Can I fit this desk in my office and will it look proportional?

Does it have enough room to put a monitor, a printer, etc.?

Does it have enough flat area for all of my things?

Does the desk have a place to hide things?

Is it ok for computer cables to be visible or not?

Does it fit the style of my room?

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